We are sourcing the variety of home textiles & finished fabrics in 100% cotton & poly cotton in all thread counts from lower end to higher thread count fabrics.

Home Textiles & Finished Fabrics

Grey & Finished Fabrics: 100% cotton, Poly Cotton, Sateen, Stripe Satin, Denier, CvC, PvC, Percales, Satins, Twills, Drills, Jaquarrds, Dobby Fabrics, Plain Fabrics, Grey Fabrics, Dyed , White Bleached & Printed Fabrics.

Home Textiles: Bed Linen, Bed Covers, Sheet Sets, Quilt Covers, Institutional Linen, Bed in a bag, Fitted Sheets, Valance, Table Linen, Pillow Covers, Curtains & Terry Towels.

Knitted Garments

Knitted Garment (i.e) Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Hood Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Breifs, Boxers, Trousers.


We are sourcing all types of sports & casual Socks in Low Cut, Crew & Ankle in the variety of yarn types.